Below are student and staff comments regarding their FSI experiences...

‘If everybody could have an experience like this, the world would be vastly different. This experience was invaluable. By putting bright kids in a room together, you receive a potential for incredible progress and ideas. This [FSI] allows young minds to pursue studies that they would never have the opportunity for in their school work. This is truly a significant life-changing experience.’ ~2018 FSI Alumnus

‘You never know where ground-breaking and revolutionary research can come from, but I believe it could come from FSI. Some of the research conducted here could end up benefiting the world.’ ~2018 FSI Alumnus

‘I’ve gained essential skills that will be a basis for my future success, in high school and beyond. Not only have I learned how to handle myself in a scientific setting through the lab work I was fortunate enough to experience, I’ve learned how to present that research to others. Through a website, poster, and presentation I communicated my findings to both those with scientific experience and those without; a vital skill essential for the success of any scientist. Through the presentation and open house, I was able to practice composing myself in situations that make me uncomfortable—practice that will prove important not only in scientific settings but also in everyday experiences.’ ~Jayendra Chauhan ‘17

‘I really attribute FSI as the launching point for my career - I owe so much to the program. Amazing internships (NASA JSC, GE Aviation, Boeing), networks, and opportunities (Google beta testing) all opened themselves up to me after my own curiosity got the better of me and I reached for the stars during my time there.’ ~Christopher Vanik ‘09

‘FSI not only was the best 6 weeks of my high school career, it allowed me to open up as a young scientist and really explore who I could become as a college student and an individual. There are so many great memories that go along with the Frontiers of Science Institute and I thank all of the students, mentors, teachers, coordinators and RAs who made it all happen.’ ~Benita Mondragon Wilson '08

‘As I reminisce about my FSI experience 13 years ago, I realize that summer helped to motivate and mold the person I am today. FSI invigorated my passion for science, specifically astrophysics, in an atmosphere where I could pursue my interests and explore questions I could not pose at home. My mentor granted me my first taste of actual scientific research - not just problem sets - but real, original discoveries into the nature of the cosmos. The classes were a breath of fresh air compared to the mundane courses at my high school. And I had the great opportunity to build solid friendships with other science enthusiasts. I still stay in touch with several FSI’ers from 2003. But most importantly, FSI helped to develop my character and individuality. It was my first time living an extended period of time away from home, and FSI gave me a glimpse into adulthood as I attempted to balance classes, research, and time with friends and family. I am eternally grateful for FSI and the staff, mentors, and sponsors who make it possible.’ ~Maxwell Moe ‘03

'FSI was one of the most rewarding experiences in my scientific career. The multidisciplinary topics that I was exposed to through the program helped me to bring into focus how all of the sciences interact- it was also my first real opportunity to do independent laboratory research. The various field trips and places we visited throughout Colorado were truly eye opening and remain some of my most vivid memories- I will always cherish my time at FSI!' ~Leslie Gapter '88

‘I am very grateful to UNC and my participation in the FSI program. I think it broadened my horizons and helped my college application to MIT. I met some amazing people, one of whom has stayed in touch for 40 years! ~Grace Malloy Rokosz ‘76

‘Frontiers of Science was a turning point for me and made me realize I could compete in a male dominated field of science. I learned that science is the true magic in the world and understanding that magic leads to breakthroughs. Frontiers of Science prepared me for the rigors of Medical School much better than four years of college. I gained confidence in my reasoning abilities and enjoyed the collaboration of fellow students and staff. It was the best!’ ~Shirley Isgar ‘66

Summer's at FSI are memorable, to be sure.  From field trips, to the classroom, to life in a UNC residence hall, 28-38 high school scholars from Colorado, as well as out-of-state, enjoy their summer immersed in collegiate-level science, technology, engineering, and mathematics curricula led by a highly competent and energized summer staff consisting of three instructors and two resident advisors each year. 

Dean Zeller, 2016 FSI instructor/UNC Lecturer in the Mathematics & Computer Science Department had this to say of his FSI experience… In all, FSI is the single most professionally gratifying class I have taught in my 20-year career.  It satisfied every requirement of my original dream of a decade ago, and had many unexpected benefits.  It was a truly grand experience; one I hope to experience again in my future.

FSI class of 2018 (July 27th)

FSI class of 2018 (July 27th)